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(LOS ANGELES, CA – 02/22/22) One of sports most anticipated debuts, the X League, is set to kickoff June 2022 led by its innovative digital strategy which the Sports Business Journal recently called, ‘A watershed moment for viewer autonomy in LIVE sports’. The ground-breaking digital platform will be powered by one of Europe’s fastest growing digital media houses, HiWay Media, based in Milan, Italy. Regarded as a digital tailor in the OTT space, HiWay Media develops customized video streaming experiences for fans. The multi-year partnership will connect fans to athletes and GameDay experiences across an innovative website and mobile app.

Awarded in the category ‘Best Tech Start UP’ at the 2020 SportsPro OTT Awards, HiWay Media is led by Giuseppe Sampino and a team of cutting-edge developers and designers. “This is the most exciting and rapidly evolving time to be involved in sports media, as the ecosystem continues to shift toward digital”, said Sampino. “what drew us to the X League is its first-of-a-kind digital strategy that enables its fans to have incredible access into the very lives of its athletes, while providing unprecedented access on gamedays. The vision is truly next generation and one that aligns perfectly with today’s sports media world”, Sampino added.

HiWay Media and the X League will collaborate on the official global website as well as mobile app of the X League. Each offering will include exclusive media content only available on the website and mobile app with coverage of the biggest name athletes, league storylines, behind the access on gamedays, exclusive promotions, and epic fan experiences.

“This is truly a watershed moment in sports media and we at the X League are at the forefront of it with our digital interfaces. HiWay Media is considered the Ferrari of design and innovation, Giuseppe and his team understand the X League’s vision of leading the way in sports as it relates to fan engagement via first-mover digital experiences”, Mike Ditka, X League, Chairman.

Projected debuts of XLeague.LIVE the league’s official website and the X League’s official mobile app are coming May 2022.

About HiWay Media

HiWay Media is an innovative digital tech start-up, designing and developing fully customizable fan experiences. The company, is a joint venture with NVP SpA (which holds 50% of the shares), offering cutting-edge solutions to simplify every phase of the video life cycle: from connectivity to on-site productions, going through transcoding and content distribution with its proprietary cloud-based Digital Assets Management, to the development of OTT platforms and dedicated apps. Building up on the back of NVP’s market leading position and already-extensive client base (including but not limited to DAZN, Endemol, Eurosport, Ferrari, IMG, Infront, ISU, Magnolia, Mediapro, Mediaset, Olympic Broadcasting Services, Rai, Sky Italia, UEFA), HiWay Media has already successfully launched several projects internationally, being able to consolidate its position as an innovator and disruptor in the market.

About Extreme Football League (‘X League’)

Extreme Football League or ‘X League’, is an integrated sports media organization and a recognized leader in digital innovation in sport. The global sports franchise will include Federations in the United States (2022), United Kingdom (2025), and Germany (2026) with further expansion into Asia, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. X League’s mission is to make available America’s No.1 sport to an entire gender while providing an aspirational destination league to the millions of future generation girls that want to play the sport of American Football. The X League will provide family-friendly entertainment via its year-round linear and digital programming distributed to over 80+ television markets around the world, premium live events, digital media, and publishing platforms. At full maturity in 2027, the X League will be producing nearly 170+ matches year-round from London to Los Angeles to Hamburg, demonstrating the commercial value of Women’s Sport.

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