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LAS VEGAS, NV. – Tuesday, July 6, 2021) Step Up, a national mentorship nonprofit that believes all girls should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams of success has teamed with the Extreme Football League (X League) through the 2024 season. X League’s league office, its member teams, and athletes are joining a growing list of powerful women who have partnered with Step Up, including celebrities and C-suite executives alike.

Step Up’s mission aligns with the X League’s core brand position of empowering women through opportunity. The national nonprofit mentors girls who may be facing systemic barriers, enabling them to gain confidence while preparing them for post-secondary pursuits, meaningful careers, and becoming the next generation of leaders.

“Step Up is inspired by the opportunity to partner with X League in creating new opportunities for the next generation of women leaders to gain experience working in sports,” Step Up CEO Delores Morton said. “Our work centers around the belief that all girls should have the chance to pursue their dreams of success. X League makes that possible on the field, on the sidelines, in the broadcast booth, in the front office, and for the next generation of women currently participating in Step Up programs.”

X League athletes will get involved nationally with Step Up in the coming years to mentor young girls, alongside business internships within the league, allowing girls to pursue multiple fields within sports and business. Los Angeles Black Storm’s Marissa and Miriah Lopez have been selected as lead spokespersons for the X League partnership with Step Up.

“This is an incredible honor and opportunity for us and our fellow athletes across the league to use the momentum building behind the X League and women’s sport to impact the lives of generations of future girls. We grew up in a single-parent household, on Section 8 housing and food stamps. Despite those challenges, we were the first generation in our family to attend and graduate college. We are now thriving having launched our own business and we are representative of many athletes across the X League that came from under-served communities and are now successful as moms, business professionals, teachers, military personnel, lawyers, doctors, and other prominent roles. We athletes can serve as true role models to the girls of Step Up”, said Marissa and Miriah Lopez.

As part of the X League’s initiative to be active in charitable and philanthropic activities that directly impact the lives of girls and women, the X League will be partnering with several national and local charity partners.

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