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One of the true ‘professors of the game’, Chris Michaelson brings experience and success to the locker-room. An incredible motivator and the type of persona you want from your Head Coach, someone who commands the room. The weakness of this coaching staff is its lack of support around Michaelson, while Michaelson manages the offense as one of the true architects of offense. However, the defensive side of the ball is a concern without any true Defensive Coordinator.


If there was an ideal mold of a QB1, it would be KK Matheny. Leadership, accuracy, arm-strength, and most importantly the smartest player on the field. Despite Matheny’s durability the concern has to be the lack of a true back-up.


Experience matters at the RB position, while Nicole Hulce has not had a storied football career, she has tremendous upside. Hulce is quick to the gap in the run game with explosion and an excellent pass receiving threat.


An experienced front line with its strength being Center Katie Harris, a blue-collar throwback type and one of the best frontline blockers in the league, question will be Whelan’s development as a pass receiving option. Stud to watch on the line is Savannah ‘Lumberjack’ Wood, has the size and soft hands needed at the position, Wood would become more dominant if she develops her physicality and ‘nasty’.


WR1 Kiarra Williams is the best athlete on this roster. Beyond Williams there is no No.2 option which is concerning for an offense built around the passing game. Ashley Baker is developing as the potential No.2, but lacks experience. Baker has potential to become a solid second-option threat for Matheny. However, the athlete to watch in the WR room is the 5’10 target, Liz Tapler.


An unknown unit that lacks the experience outside of Kiarra Williams. The unit will lean on Williams as the other secondary positions are suspect at best.


Mary Barillas an untested athlete will anchor the defense at MLB, great upside but unproven at the position. Barillas will need to be physical from the first snap if this defense wants to be formidable.


The DLine will be led by Natasha Perez, however Perez lacks the Football IQ to make an immediate impact. Opposite Perez is Elmore Romo who has the size to be effective but lacks the physicality and aggression needed at the position.

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