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Teammates, Business Partners, and Sisters. Miriah and Marissa Lopez of the Los Angeles Black Storm are ready for the inaugural season of the X League to kickoff as are hundreds of other X League athletes across the country. The Lopez sisters come into the 2021 season with the advantage of having played multiple seasons of tackle football as well as moving into more of leadership role in the locker room.

Off-the-field, they may appear as twin sisters and are very similar in many ways, however it’s what separates them, that draws fans to the Lopez sisters.

Even though they are two years apart by age (Marissa being 28 and Miriah being 26), often have different hair colors, and one has a baby bump, they still get mistaken for twins. Marissa says, “When we first got into the football three years ago, everyone mistook us for twins, and even today it happens.” If you want a hint at who is who, Miriah has bright blonde hair that you cannot miss on the field and Marissa often has fire-red hair.

The love of football for the sisters began when they were just kids. They were always active, playing any sports they could, whether it was softball, football, volleyball, you name it. “We were always outside until it got dark no matter the day or the sport,” says Miriah. Being raised in Texas was a key factor to becoming a football player, but it was the move to Los Angeles where everything skyrocketed. Now co-captains of the Los Angeles Black Storm it’s safe to say that the love of sports and the great outdoors carried them to where they are today.

Marissa Lopez is expecting to be a mother in March. She says, “Now being a mother and being pregnant, it definitely changed my mindset and I’ve grown so much while being so humbled to be able to pursue the pregnancy and still have it on my mind that I will come back and come back stronger.” With the season coming up, fans will get an opportunity to watch her debut at the Quarterback position. As well as being a mom-to-be, Marissa is a big supporter of women in football and all sports across the field. She believes women empowerment is one of the strongest movements in the world today saying, “I want to continue to let women know that you can still have a baby and still have a career while striving for whatever goals you want in the endgame.”

As for Miriah Lopez, she will be with the team on Opening Weekend as the Black Storm kickoff at Toyota Arena (Ontario, California). When asked how the team feels going into the season, “A lot of players have improved their skills in the last year, and we are just ready for the season to start already with everything going on in the world.” Miriah is also one half of the founding team of The Football Sisters, which she and her sister lead. The brand was started as a way for women to not be afraid to pursue a sport that is led dominantly by men. It has shown much success recently with a new clothing line released last year.

You can see both of the Lopez sisters on the field in action for the Los Angeles Black Storm this upcoming season, the Black Storm will be leaning on experienced sisters on the field as Miriah is projected as possibly the No.1 running back in the league while Marissa will be making her first-ever start at Quarterback.

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