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(LOS ANGELES, CA – Tuesday, July 14) One of the most recognized and respected names in football history, Hall of Famer Mike Ditka will provide women the opportunity to play tackle football on a worldwide platform, the newly announced X League.

Women’s tackle football leagues have been in operation dating back to the 1920s, however, the women’s game has never reached commercial viability. Mike Ditka’s X League will be televised both in the United States as well as international markets, will compete at major arenas and stadiums as well as launching leagues in Europe, Australia, and South America.

The X League will kick off in April 2021 with eight (8) teams to include the Seattle Thunder, Los Angeles Black Storm, Austin Sound, Denver Rush, Chicago Blitz, Kansas City Force, Omaha Red Devils, and the Atlanta Empire. Subsequent seasons will see growth into twenty-four (24) US markets. League officials are currently meeting with candidates for franchise ownership into expansion markets.

Ultimately, through commercial success in the coming years, the X League is structured to become a professional football league that compensates its athletes as well as making those athletes and coaches with tenured resumes, equity owners of the respective franchises they help build.

“The game has given me a lot and I believe I have left a legacy I can be proud of both on the field and as well as the sidelines. Now from an ownership and executive perspective, I want to provide women a high-profile platform to compete against the greatest female athletes in the world while creating a destination league for millions of girls to aspire to play in. This will be a marathon, not a sprint, however, we are seeing the world change all around us for the better. The X League will be yet another indicator that equality has come of age, its time to give women and girls the same opportunity to play the game” said Mike Ditka.

Ditka will serve as the Chairman of the X League, leading the way in terms of football operations and the growth of the league into international markets.

*Mike Ditka will be available to media on Wednesday, July 22 in Chicago, address available upon request. Alternatively Mr. Ditka is also available for satellite / Zoom interviews.

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