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Kimberly Brown, Daughter of NFL Hall of Fame Legend Jim Brown, Philanthropist, and Activist Joins X League Advisory Board

Mon, Nov 07, 2022

(LAS VEGAS, NV – Monday, November 7, 2022) Extreme Football League, LLC (X League) officials proudly announce further female leadership joining the Advisory Board as a philanthropist, and activist Kimberly Brown, daughter of Jim Brown, takes on a leadership role.

Brown will join an impressive Board that includes NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka, NFL's first-ever female ambassador Samantha Gordon, and former CEO of English Football League and Leeds United Shaun Harvey. Brown's charitable work and mentorship of youth led to Georgia State Senator Donzella James sponsoring a resolution to honor Brown. In addition, Brown has partnered with girls' flag football, single-mother, and veteran charities as their fundraising sponsor. Under the guidance of her father, Jim Brown, Kimberly has remained active in the football community, focusing on growing the game to include girls at a grassroots level.

"I believe my father has had the greatest impact on my life. Football, business, and entertainment, all of which have led up to this incredible moment. With a historically high number of girls and women playing the game of football, this is truly an opportunity to move women's football forward and take it to the next level, which includes creating the game's first-ever commercial destination league. It's time to provide girls the same dream boys have had for over 100yrs, the opportunity to aspire to play the game of football at the highest level", said Kimberly Brown.

Brown will bring a unique player's perspective to the boardroom as Brown continues to play the game and will sign with the Austin Sound for the upcoming season.

Brown is joining a growing number of female leaders in the X League, including Managing Partner Samantha Gordon, the NFL's first-ever female ambassador and recipient of the NFL's first 'Game Changer' award.

"Kimberly has been incredibly active in the game both on and off the field. Her perspective from growing up around the game with the legendary Jim Brown as her father, coupled with her continued commitment to see the game grow by opening its doors to girls and women, truly excites us about the future", said Samantha Gordon, Managing Partner.

The X League has begun discussions with corporate partners, media, and investment groups to grow the league to include clubs in all thirty-two (32) NFL markets and international Federations in the United Kingdom and Germany.